Best Locations for an Open Fire

A campfire is one of those things that brings everyone together, huddled for warmth, roasting marshmallows, singing tunes and sharing stories gathered around the golden glow. If you’re looking for campsite locations with open spaces that allow for campfires, we’ve done all the hard work for you and taken the “where” out of the question – so all you have to do is make a camping checklist, pack the car and relax!

Be sure to familiarise yourself with fire safety rules prior to your trip. If you don’t have a brazier, you can set a ring around your pit, making sure to keep a 3m clear space around the fire.  And lastly, never leave a fire unattended and do not burn plastics or anything toxic. Keep the fire small and in-control and extinguish completely before retiring to your tent.

  1. Moreton Island, QLD

If you are wanting to go to all out for the ideal camping weekend, Moreton Island is the best of the best around Brisbane, and just a 75-minute boat ride away. Imagine a day of snorkelling sunken shipwrecks, reading, relaxing in the sun or exploring the island and of course, an open campfire to finish off the day. Moreton Island permits fires in pre-existing fireplaces and fire pits, as well as in five of their designated camping sites, talk about options!

  1. Serpentine Falls, WA

Nestled amongst the picturesque Darling Ranges is the stunning Serpentine Falls, just 50 minutes out of Perth. With so many options during the day, including Serpentine Waterfalls, hikes, Winery’s and Historical Towns, it really does cater to everybody! We can think of one more thing that caters to everyone; you guessed it, campfires! Now, WA really is one of those places where there are simply too many options for campfires but opt for Serpentine for some added variety or a something a little different.

  1. Iluka, NSW

Iluka sits pretty along the Northern NSW Coastline, and our recommendation of a campfire friendly spot would be Woody Heads. This is a great spot for those who love camping with the extra touches, like bakery’s, fish and chip shops and a local IGA, particularly to pick up marshmallows for campfire s’mores. At Woody Heads, campfires are permitted in BBQs and with the use of braziers.

  1. Kakadu National Park, NT

Stargazing and connecting with the country doesn’t get much better than out in the open plains, far away from the city. With over 20 campgrounds, the options are endless at Kakadu. Top campsites for open campfires include; Gum long Campground, Mardugal Camp, Jim Jim Billabong, Bucket Billabong and Maguk Campground. Most sites have open fire pits and designated areas for fires which is an added bonus.

  1. Red Cliff, NSW

A short drive from Brooms Head Caravan Park and situated on a beautiful red cliff, lies a campsite with amazing elevated views of the ocean and coastline. Red Cliff has the best of both worlds with mountain views on one side and beach views on the other. This one is for those who don’t mind it a little rough, which provides a true camping experience finished off with a stunning clifftop fire. Be warned, you may have to share the campfire with some local Kangaroos.

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