FAQ'S: Fridge/Freezer

Interested to learn more about your OZtrail Fridge/Freezer? Below is a list of frequently asked questions we hope you will find useful.


1. What temperature do you suggest setting the fridge and freezer to?

We recommend +3 for fridge and -16 for freezer. *Note: It is best to fill the fridge with cold contents while charging on 240V at home before leaving.

2. The manual online notes a 3.75amp draw at 12V. That is quite high. Is that figure on start up running in full mode? I would like to know what the Amp draw is running in Eco mode as I expect that it would lower the Amp draw. *Reference to 80L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer.

This is correct. It is 3.75amp draw on max and 2.75amp draw on Eco. The average use over 24hrs at 32 degrees is 1-1.5amp per hour (fridge set at 4 degrees) as the compressor is not cycling all the time. The expected daily consumption is between 24 – 36amps every 24hrs. However, if used as freezer you can expect a 50-80% increase in consumption. 

3. Do you sell Anderson plug connections? 

We sell a fridge lead part number 10000231 that has Anderson/Cigarette & Merit connection options

4. I noticed slight gaps in the inner lining of my fridge. Will this result in fluids leaking inside the unit? 

The seams of these fridges are lined with sealant (out of eye sight), but it is always recommended to avoid spills where possible and clean often. If required, clear silicone sealant can be applied if internal spills are expected regularly. 

5. I have the 80L Dual Zone and have set both sides to 2 degrees and half filled each side with cold contents. Over the last 6 hours, each side only managed to drop to 1 degree and 5 degree. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. Each side has separate cooling - the larger compartment will always take a little longer to reach the set temperature due to size. The average temperature will always be the set temperature.

6. My freezer has been frosting over making it difficult to open the lid. What am I doing wrong?

This is usually caused by humid or damp conditions so we suggest checking for moisture buildup. Always use the fridges lid latch to ensure lids are sealed tight.

7. Can I run my fridge in the direct sunlight?

It is best to avoid placing your fridge/freezer in direct sunlight if possible. If the unit is stored in a car or sealed area of any sort, allow for ample air flow space to aid in the cooling process. A fridge cover will also will create additional insulation as well as protecting the fridge from damage. Covers are also proven to reduce power consumption.

Is the answer you are searching for not here? Please contact our Customer Service team by phone on 1300 555 197 or email warranty@adventureoperations.com for more information.

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