Find the best hammock for you and where to hang it this weekend

Unless you’re a hammock aficionado, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of varieties available today. Scrolling through your Instagram feed is sure to ignite a desire to own a hammock to lounge in under the sun, enjoy a book or snuggle with a loved one but which design is the best for you? If you’re looking to pack a hammock on your next vacay, or simply to install permanently at home, we’ve got you covered.

The single or duo traveller:

Whether you’re a scenic traveller searching for the best lookout or venturing to find the quietest spot amongst the trees, your choice of hammock comes down to deciding if you’re after a lightweight style or something more Instagrammable. While the cotton/polyester hammocks are extremely comfortable and suitable for any climate, the nylon hammocks are lighter to pack, quick-drying and durable. Regardless of your choice, you will need a hanging hook pack to ensure you can easily move from place to place without having to drill holes in any trees along the way. To help narrow down your next adventure, we’ve picked our five favourite places to hang your hammock this weekend:

  1. Honeymoon Bay, Moreton Island Queensland
  2. Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  3. The Blue Mountains, New South Wales
  4. Great Ocean Road, Victoria
  5. Pumpkin Island, South Barrier Reef Queensland

The stay at home family:

If you want to bring the feeling of freedom to your backyard or patio, there are a range of options suitable for just mum and dad on a balmy night, or the whole family to watch the sunset! A king size option will easily fit mum, dad, the kids and the pooch. Or, a double will easily squeeze you and the kids. Whether you want to permanently install the hammock, or invest in a frame that can be moved around the house and yard, the choice is yours.

Heavy duty hustle:

The right hammock could replace a typical swag or tent for any outdoor hike or adventure if you select wisely. If you’re venturing out into the wilderness, several accessories can be added to an existing hammock including a rainfly to protect you from the elements and detachable bug net to make them more suitable. However, another option is to choose a ready-to-go mosquito hammock and hang it out of the elements. You’ll have a very comfy sleep and the easiest pack up the next morning without a doubt.

Everyday alternative:

If you like the idea of a hammock, but can’t imagine trying to get out of one, you can still have the free feeling without the hassle. Hammock chairs are easy to install and navigate and are a super comfortable alternative to the tradition hammock. There is the option to hang the chair on a stand, making it easy to move around the house and follow the fun. Otherwise, you can hang them permanently in your favourite spot.

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