5 Drink Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is the perfect season to huddle around the campfire, share the company of your loved ones and enjoy the warmth of hearty comfort food and drinks. It can often drop below 10 degrees in winter so we tend to rely on the warmth of blankets, fire and the food we consume. To avoid tainting the outback experience during these cooler months, we have shared some of our favourite hot drink recipes to keep things lively this winter. 

  1. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Pull up your camping chair because you’re in for a real treat! Looking for something warm and sweet that feels like a hug? This combination of milk and Nutella creates a thickly blended hot drink to put your winter blues to rest. Recipe via Fresh Off The Grid.

  1. Mulled Wine

 A fancy twist on a favourite, Mulled Wine is perfectly spiced and sure to warm your belly on a cold winter’s night. Don’t let the concept scare you, all it takes it some spice, citrus and red wine simmered in a pot over the fire – ready in just 20 minutes. We’ve found a simple recipe that requires few ingredients and your favourite bottle of red. Serve warm with some crackers and cheese for the ultimate winter night by the fire. Recipe via Campfire Australia.

  1. Matcha Green Tea Latte

Pack your whisk, it will be well worth it if you’re a Matcha fan. If you are looking for something healthier and lighter, this Matcha green tea latte will be your new go-to. You only need two ingredients and a cup to get on your way. If you want to give it an extra something, be sure to pack some added ingredients like chai, vanilla or honey. Recipe via Matcha Source.

  1. Spanish Cafe Bombon

Add an indulgent twist to your morning coffee by adding some sweetened condensed milk and a touch of cinnamon – a seriously delicious morning treat! This recipe is a Spanish favourite and super easy to whip up in a pot over the fire. Listening to nature while sipping on your cup of Spanish coffee is the perfect way to start your day of adventure. Recipe via Taste of Home.

  1. Apple Ginger Cider

An apple ginger cider is the perfect warming drink to have in hand at any time of the day, particularly if you’re cooking up something on the grill. Not only does this recipe warm your core, but the addition of ginger is great for fighting off any colds or flues that might be lurking. For added flavour, utilise any leftover fruit slices to mix it up. Your bamboo mug will be glad you did! Recipe via Rei Co Op.

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