Fast Frame Tent Range

Camping has become even more convenient (and cooler!) thanks to our Fast Frame Tent range. These all-season tents are not only designed to help ease the stress of setting up, they are packed full of clever features to create the ultimate home away from home.

Fast Frame 4P, 6P and 10P

Ideal for campers who love to plan a last minute weekend escape or are constantly on the move, the new Fast Frame Tents are a front runner when it comes to fuss-free camping. With large windows for optimal ventilation, flexible shade options, heavy duty PE flooring and a 2-in-1 dual guy rope system to help diffuse wind stresses directly to the frame, these tents are designed with durability and convenience in mind. They're also constructed with a breathable inner fabric to reduce condensation for those colder nights on the road!

Fast Frame BlockOut 4P, 6P and 10P

If you are someone who enjoys a sleep in but struggles with the bright morning light, the Fast Frame BlockOut is for you! These tents feature an all-new Blockout fabric which helps eliminate the suns rays from penetrating the tent while reducing heat at the same time, enabling the whole family to rest longer and better.

Fast Frame Lumos 6P, 10P and 12P

The Lumos series has to be one of the coolest range of tents available in our Fast Frame category. They combine all the fabulous features of the BlockOut range, but are equipped with one element that really brings the tent to life - integrated LED lights. The inbuilt LED lightbars provide multiple interior lighting options, from brightening up all bedrooms to setting a night light in the front room. The new Lumos range is here to make camping even more convenient!


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