Our Top 10 Present Picks for Christmas

Tis the season for adventures, beach days, barbeques and, we can't forget, Christmas shopping. Some of you may find this a joyful occasion and others, maybe not so much. We understand finding the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones can often be a stressful time so we've come up with a list of our top 10 present picks this year to make life a little easier - all you have to do is decide who's been naughty or nice!

Ironside Solo Table

Two words: cheese board. The Solo Table is compact, portable and the perfect size to hold your favourite campsite snacks. Featuring three adjustable height settings and weighing in at a mere 2.3 kg, this is an ideal table for solo travellers or those looking for a fuss-free weekend adventure. 

Fast Frame 3.0 Gazebo Tent

Know someone who already owns an OZtrail gazebo? Why not treat them to a Fast Frame Gazebo Tent this Christmas! The quick assemble portico will allow your loved one to extend the usable area of their shelter to create additional bedrooms, storage space or a great secured kids corner. 

RV Chairs

You really can't go wrong with gifting someone a new camp chair, especially if it's one from our new or updated RV range. Each chair focuses on function, comfort and rugged construction, making them ideal for the traveller who likes to spend extended periods of time on the road. 

Jaffle Iron

We've never met someone who doesn't love a classic campsite jaffle, which is why a Jaffle Iron is the perfect gift idea. This pre-seasoned cast iron utensil is very easy to use, features a deep base for even heat distribution and has extra-long handles to keep you a safe distance away from the open flame. They are a total must-have at any campsite!

1000L Ignite Speaker Lantern

Get the campsite party started with an all-in-one speaker-lantern. The 1000L Ignite Speaker Lantern features a 3W RMS Bluetooth speaker, has 5 adjustable brightness levels as well as top and bottom hangers. It also comes with a USB charging cable which stores neatly in the base of the lantern. Talk about convenient entertainment and an awesome present!  

Monsta 'Moon' Chair

The Monsta 'Moon' Chair is big on comfort and fun. This chair is guaranteed to turn heads at any campsite or outdoor event! Tip: If you buy one for a friend or loved one you can both use it, so it's a total win win.

Collapsible Camp Wagon

Those who say money can't buy friends obviously never had a Collapsible Camp Wagon. With a weight capacity of 80kg, the Camp Wagon is a versatile option for carting around BBQ food, beach or camping equipment, groceries - anything! Supportive and always there for you - sounds like a best friend to us.

Kool Stool

Compact, comfortable and portable? Check. Built-in insulated cooler? Check. Inclusive picnic set (including cutlery and glasses)? Check. The Kool Stool really is the gift that keeps on giving! Treat someone to the coolest stool going around town this Christmas.


Gazebo's can often be an item you didn't know needed until you have one. From barbeques and picnics to camping, beach trips or backyard events, a gazebo is suited to all occasions and seasons. A great gift for those who embrace the great outdoors! Tip: gazebo accessories like walls, awnings, flooring and gutter systems also make for handy presents. 

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