How to get the most out of your outdoor gear

Whether you're camping or caravanning, your set up is going to be your home away from home while on the road. You'll need to pack all the essentials, along with a few other products designed for survival in the great outdoors. For some, having the bare minimum is the best way to camp and for others, taking everything but the kitchen sink is necessary.

There's an added bonus to being a creature of comfort. A lot of those little 'luxurious' items you like to pack are universal, therefore, can be used almost anywhere, including the home.

Reusing your outdoor gear is a great way to get the most out of your products. We've come up with a list of items suitable to use around the house, as well as on the road.

Trail Camera

Not only are trail cameras great for monitoring the movements of wildlife animals when off grid, they're also a handy device for detecting and recording unwanted intruders on your property!


From battery operated to solar powered and even kerosene fuelled, lanterns can be used to light up any campsite or back patio at home. Why not decorate your outdoor dining table with a trendy bronze lantern?

Baked Enamel Roaster / Roasting Pan

The best thing about enamel cookware is it is designed to withstand the elements. Meaning the chance of rust and corrosion is reduced, and it can be used in the kitchen or on the road.


Swing life away on the road or at home in the ultimate relaxation device, the hammock. If you can't hit the road, simply string one up in your backyard and let your imagination do the rest.

Whistling Kettle

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with a stylish Whistling Kettle. Coming in three vibrant colours, these kettles will be the talk of your next tea party. 

Recreation Set

Set the kids with their very own portable 'arts and crafts' station in your backyard. The Recreation Set is the perfect fold away table and chair set that'll guarantee the mess stays out of the living room. It's lightweight, folds flat for compact storage and can be hosed down for an easy clean. 

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