Spring Camping Guide

Spring is upon us which means hibernation is over (phew). It's time to start airing out those tents and sleeping bags and prepare for outdoor season!

Though we're out of the thick of the big chill and pre-camp preparation isn't as extensive, there are still a few things to consider before hitting the road in spring.


During the day, temperatures can reach high 20's but the night time can still remain quite chilly. All-season tents like the Fast Frame series will help trap in the warmth, as well as an appropriate temperature-rated sleeping bag like the Leichardt or Lake View. Sleeping in layers is also a great option at this time of year.


The warmer weather will see heavy campfire meals swapped out for lighter bites. Dishes like stews are often replaced with seafood, salads or cheese boards. A bit of pre-planning and preparation at home can help reduce stress around meal times! For recipe inspiration check out our spring meal guide.


From spring on wards, the weather tends to be fairly unpredictable so it's important to prepare for the worst and pack the essentials. Things like duct tape for any accidental rips or tears, tarps for extra protection from the elements or a gazebo, for added shade. Insects are also something to take into consideration as they too are starting to emerge from hibernation. Mesh walls can be attached to your gazebo to create a fully protected area, while remaining airy throughout the day.

Before you go

It's ideal to go through and check all your gear thoroughly before you hit the road. Look out for any unwanted critters who may have moved in throughout winter, any moisture build-up, holes or damage of any sort. This will save you from getting caught out with broken equipment when you're set up in the middle of nowhere.


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