The essentials you need for your camping trip this winter

Many say spending a night under the stars is one of the best ways to truly live life to the fullest – and we tend to agree! There are many perks of camping during the winter time, including having a first pick at camping locations, incredible sunrises and sets, no unwanted creepy crawlies, and blazing campfires for toasting marshmallows with your friends or family. Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned adventurer, there’s no doubt preparation is key to an enjoyable time. Knowing exactly what gear you need on an outdoor winter journey before setting off will guarantee you won’t experience any unexpected ‘cold fronts’. To give you a heads up, we’ve rounded up the top essentials you need to go bush this winter.

Get off the Ground

Nobody likes to feel the cold as they sleep, so our biggest tip is to create some distance between you and the ground for maximum comfort. Not many people know that insulating yourself from the ground as much (or even more) from the cold above becomes an absolute necessity to maintain heat throughout the night. During winter, a blow up air mattress will work against you as there is nothing but cold air between you and the ground, allowing the coolness of winter to pass straight through. A self-inflating mattress or foam mattress will offer a warmer option as they are designed with high density open cell foam, providing the ultimate insulation throughout the night. If you’d prefer to get up off the ground completely, another option is setting up a stretcher.

We Recommend: Leisure Mat King Single Self-Inflating Mattress, Swag Mat Open Cell Foam Mattress or Aluminium Stretcher

Choose the right sleeping bag

After you’ve been camping once in winter, you’ll never forget the importance of layering up. You want to avoid having big pockets of air between you and your sleeping bag, your clothes and shoes. So the best place to start is your sleeping bag. When choosing the right sleeping bag for you, size does matter. Choosing the right size will ultimately reduce the extra space around your body which means there will be less heating your body has to do to keep you warm. Basically, the tighter the fit, the better the bag will perform.

We Recommend: Mountain View or Alpine View sleeping bag

Set up the right Tent

Whether you’re borrowing a tent or buying a new one, take note of the design. One thing many campers may not know is that a tent with less mesh is a good thing for a winter camping escape. What you’re looking for is a tent that has a fully polyester inner design, with little to no mesh, to retain heat for longer.

We recommend: Vertex 3P for three persons or less and for families a tent from the Fast Frame, Sportiva or Family Series.  

Create the perfect camp fire

Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows under the stars? A camp fire is one of the focal elements of any camping experience and it’s a great way to keep warm during winter. With the cooler temperatures setting in, surrounding wood, branches and twigs are prone to getting damp and matches can become an unreliable source of fire. So your best bet is to carry in your pack a Magnesium Fire Starter as a plan B. It’s a stronger fuel source to ignite a spark and you won’t miss out on toasty sweets!

We Recommend: Magnesium Fire Starter

Camping is one of the most soul-satisfying experiences any adventurer should have a go at and it shouldn’t be limited to warmer seasons. Don’t let the cooler weather hold you back from getting out to the great outdoors. Research the essentials, including the items you already have, to ensure you are equipped with the right gear for a winter adventure into the wild.


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