The top five must haves for a beach holiday

Summer holidays at the beach have been a long treasured ritual for every family. What’s not to love? Sun, waves and plenty of space for a game of beach soccer! If you’ve never camped before and this is your first beach holiday, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the doodads and whatstits you need to hit the sand. So to help you get prepped with the essentials for a summer break like no other, we’ve selected the top five must-haves every beach family needs.

Beachside Recliner Beach Chair

There’s nothing better than kicking back and taking in the serenity! Take your summer sessions on the sand to a new level with a beachside recliner beach chair, offering two reclining options for maximum comfort. It comes with its own carry bag, making it super easy to pick up and unwind on the beach.


Personal Pop Up

For those wanting a quick shade solution that’s lightweight and easy to carry to the beach on your own, a Personal Pop Up is just the ticket. The innovative design of the pop-up lets you – literally – pop-up in an instant and pack up just as quick. With a built-in UPF50+ fabric, this handy little beach shelter will keep you comfortable even on the hottest of days.

Water Reserves

Australia has some of the hottest days in the world, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day! A great way to ensure you’re always hydrated and one step ahead of the unexpected is packing extra water reserves. Most campsites do have fresh water readily available however you never want to try your luck without being 100 per cent sure it’s safe to drink!

Heavy Duty Sand Pegs

Watching your tent fly off into the distance isn’t a pretty picture… (Even if seeing dad run after it would be!) When you’re pitching a tent on the beach, not many people know they need extra support to secure it into the sand. That’s where sand pegs come in. Check out our YouTube video to help pick out what pegs are right for your tent:

Beach Games

Everyone loves a little friendly competition and exploring the hidden caves local marine life call home. Start your day exploring the coral reefs and shell-encrusted rocks as the tide goes out with a set of neo-slip-on shoes. They’ll protect yours and your little one's feet from unseen sharp edges. Not to mention the crabs poking their claws out to say hi! Next, set up the sand – it’s game time! From beach soccer, football, skimball or a baseball set, having a family game at the ready is the perfect equation for a new unforgettable memory!

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