Winter Camping Essentials

Many rave about summer camping, yet winter definitely comes with its perks too. No mozzies and lesser crowds makes for a peaceful experience in the cold. Sitting by the toasty campfire and enjoying hot chocolate is the place you want to be during the chilly months. You’ll enjoy this outdoor experience even more by being prepared and having the necessary equipment to combat the seasonal cold. 

Now, although everyone tailors their choice of camping gear differently, here are some camping essentials that we think you must have packed and ready to go for your winter adventure.

Fast Frame Tent

Our Fast Frame Tents create a sense of comfort and luxury. This no-fuss tent is suitable for all season camping with its Fast Frame system. As this tent range includes various features such as: large window panels for constant ventilation, No-See-Um Mesh panels for insect protection and freestanding frame design for easy pitching, this tent is made for campers who want to spend less time setting up, and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Disclaimer – Upgrade to our Lumos tent for the integrated LED lighting system or our BlockOut tent for concentrated heat conduction.

Kingsford Sleeping Bag -3C

Sleep in ease with our Kingsford Sleeping Bags -3C. These sleeping bags were specifically designed for cooler conditions, however, their generous size and maximisation of space makes for extra comfort. With the compression sack included for storage, you can travel with this sleeping bag on all outdoor adventures. 

Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo

Get some shade under our updated gazebo! The Deluxe 3.0 Gazebo is a great size for the family. Its quick to erect powder coated frames allows for a pain-free assembly too, which means more time to relax…the only way camping should be.   

*Tip: Purchase the zip door walls for extra comfort in your gazebo - perfect for keeping that winter breeze out of your camping dining room.


Winter camping means going to bed in minus degree temperatures. Avoid trying to fall asleep with chattering teeth by layering up and choosing appropriate bedding. ​The FatMat series delivers maximum comfort, warmth and performance with the ultimate ease of inflation and compact pack down. The thick, high density, open cell memory foam mattress provides a luxurious sleep surface to ensure you wake up well rested. Pair with a Kingsford Sleeping Bag and you'll sleep like a baby!

Ironside Table

Our Ironside Tables are compact and can be effortlessly folded for easy storage. The use of corrosion resistant steel makes for incomparable durability, which is great for those competitive card game plays between the family. The thick top allows for an easy clean too, so gone are the days where you eat off your lap. And even better yet, there are five different options to choose from depending on your camping group size. What a plus!

Easy Fold Stretcher

Unlike some bedding, stretchers like the Easy Fold can be used all year round. The airflow beneath the bed allows you to stay cooler in summer and for those winter trips, simply place a self-inflating or foam mattress on top to create a barrier from you and the cool breeze. The best part? The Easy Fold Stretcher only take 10 seconds to set up!

DuraLite Quad Chair

The Quad Chair is apart of OZtrail’s lightest full strength camp chair range. The magnesium alloy frame makes for a sturdy foundation and light carry which makes it easy to handle. Don’t stress about where your beer will go either, as our mesh holder is the perfect size for a cold one.

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