GUEST BLOG: The Ultimate Camp Chair

There’s nothing like sitting down in your camp chair, looking around at your freshly setup campsite and sighing a nice audible breath of relief. This is usually followed by a “how good is this” or "this is living" or an “I need a beer”.

We’ve travelled with two OZtrail camp chairs strapped to the roof of our bus for two years now and we put them through the ultimate survival test in harsh Australian conditions. Something we always struggled with though was our pooch Ralph always wanting to sit on our lap. A challenging task considering he’s 35kg and the size of a small adult. So, we decided it was time to upgrade to two Galaxy 2 Seater camp chairs.

We carry the same amount of chairs but now we’ve got room for four seats. The added hosting capability around the campfire however isn’t our favourite part. Our favourite part is that Ralph can climb up onto one and cuddle up to one of us and the other person can sit back, stretch out and relax with a giant chair all to themselves. Sometimes Ralph decides he wants a chair to himself, and we get to snuggle up to each other on the other one.

The Galaxy 2 Seater is perfect for sprawling out and reading a book in the sun, hosting friends at your camp, cuddling with your puppy dog or for the person that likes to steal the cheeseboard and place it right next to them. 

Sit back, stretch out and relax.
This article was written by Chris and Mandy (and Ralph!) from Outback Osteos.

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