Guest Blog: Tips for keeping COVID safe while camping

After spending months in isolation, it’s only natural to be craving an adventure. Whilst a trip to Europe or Bali may be on your mind, it won’t be happening this year, so why not plan a local camping trip instead.

There are so many things to love about camping, so now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect from news and social media and reconnect with your loved ones.

Whether you go near or far, a camping trip will certainly connect you with nature and help you hit the reset button after a challenging few months. If you are planning a camping trip, make sure you follow your states regulations. Plus, we have some extra tips for keeping COVID safe while camping.

Don’t forget the hand sanitiser and disinfectant

This is the easiest way to reduce your risk of COVID. Wash your hand, sanitise and disinfect your commonly touched areas often.

Your campsite for your crew

To further reduce the risk, avoid inviting other groups back to your campsite. If you do meet like-minded people, hang out in open spaces and follow social distancing recommendations.

Go remote

Skip the commercial campsites and go remote instead. Book a national park or beach camping site and enjoy all the space you desire.

Get everything you need before you leave

Do your groceries, fill up with petrol and buy your beer before you leave home. That way you can hit the road and go straight to the campsite, avoiding further risk of exposure. Make a list when planning your camping trip to avoid forgetting anything.

Avoid share foods

If you are camping with another crew, avoid sharing foods like dips and chips. Instead, opt for foods that you can serve individually.

Be extra careful in the camp kitchen and bathroom

If you use the shared areas of the campground, take extra care with washing your hands and sanitising. You could even skip the camp kitchen altogether and set your own epic camp kitchen instead.

We hope you enjoy your upcoming camping trip and trust you will stay COVID safe.

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This article was created for OZtrail by Lucy Frank from A Travellers Footsteps.

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