6 Sleeping Bags for Warmer Weather

Camping in warmer weather means stretching out, snoozing under the stars or on top of your bedding if your sleeping bag isn't season appropriate. A thick bag in the Australian summer can lead to a sleepless, uncomfortable nights sleep! 

What you need is a lightweight sleeping bag that is light enough to keep you cool but insulated to protect you against moisture and humidity. Here are 6 of our recommended bags!

Kingsford 5+C

The NEW Kingsford +5C Sleeping Bag is designed for maximum space and comfort and is the perfect oversized sleeping bag. With a soft touch, low noise outer shell, snag-free zipper and contoured hood + roll over chest cuff, these bags are lightweight, durable and seriously comfy. 

Sturt Camper 5+C

Available in Hooded, Camper and Junior size, the Sturt range is the ideal sleeping bag series for warmer weather thanks to their lightweight, Airweave polycotton liner. These affordable bags also feature a Velcro closure at top allowing you to control the internal temperature by adjusting the coil zip.

Outback Comforter Queen

The Outback Queen Comforter makes setting up sleeping arrangements in your home away from home very easy. The fitted valance pockets ensure a snug and secure fit to your queen mattress (so no sneaky blanket stealing!) and the soft touch flannel poly/cotton inner lining provides added sleep comfort.

Lawson 0C

With a zip across the base for greater foot comfort and temperature regulation, the Lawson Hooded, Jumbo Hooded and Junior Hooded Sleeping Bags are perfect for those who like to stretch out. They're also equipped with a full length, auto-lock zip allowing you to adjust and lock the zip into any position. One leg in one leg out anyone?

Kingsford Junior 0C

A good nights rest can make or break a camping trip, and so can tired, upset children. The new Kingsford Junior Sleeping Bag is so soft and snuggly, the kids will be out like a light as soon as they lay their head down! Like the adult version, these bags are machine washable and come with hanging loops for airing/drying.

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