Top 5 Most Purchased Gazebo Accessories

To some, a gazebo is just a tool used to provide shade at a BBQ. To others, it's a workplace, living or dining room or, in some cases, a temporary garage. Gazebos are structures designed to protect you from the elements, no matter how you use it. The question is, did you know you can 'spruce' your gazebo up? Give it a few added features? There are plenty of products available to enhance the performance and look of your shelter, from extra protection to integrated LED light systems and everything else in between.

Even though gazebos can be used for many different occasions, our accessories are all designed with one sole purpose; functionality. We've rounded up a list our 5 most purchased gazebo accessories to help make your life in the great outdoors a little easier.

  1. Portico Tent:

Gazebo portico tents are great for creating additional bedroom, living or storage areas. With fully sealed seams, you'll be able to sleep soundly in an enclosed shelter, whilst not compromising covered space.

  1. Removable Awning Kit:

Add a little extra shade to any campsite or market stall by attaching an awning to the front of your gazebo. Removable awnings are great for when you're set up in a smaller area but require maximum protection.

  1. Gazebo Wall Kit

If you're after additional privacy, protection from insects or shelter from the elements, a gazebo wall kit is the way to go. Set up an enclosed area for the young ones to play freely in or an entertainment / dining area that can be used rain, hail or shine! Coming in solid polyester, heavy duty or No-See-Um-Mesh insert, there's a wall suited to every outdoor occasion.

  1. Removable Floor

Removable floors are ideal for those who have their own market stall. They help to keep your stock clean as well as maintain the ground underneath your pop up.

  1. Sand Bag Kit

Sandbags are a simple but effective concept designed to stabilise and secure your gazebo on surfaces where pegs can't be used. You just fill the bags with sand and attach it to your gazebo legs - simple!

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