Hex Peg 'Flat Top' Drillable Tent Peg
Hex Peg 'Flat Top' Drillable Tent Peg Hex Peg 'Flat Top' Drillable Tent Peg

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Save on time and energy when pitching and packing up with some help from the Flat Top Drillable Tent Pegs from Hex Pegs.

  • Can be inserted and removed in seconds
  • Compatible with all electric and cordless drills and impact drivers
  • Designed to be used in any application where the hook is not required to attach a guy rope, or trace spring
  • Can be used through O or D rings that are 10mm in diameter

Peg Length: 285mm
Peg Weight (each): 200g
Hex Head: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 10mm

What are Hex Pegs?

Hex Pegs are multi-purpose caravan and camping pegs that are drilled into and out of the ground using any type of drill or impact driver.

What makes Hex Pegs such a great peg?

Hex Pegs have been specifically designed with the user in mind. Put simply, Hex Pegs go into the ground easier, grip a lot better whilst in the ground and come out of the ground so much easier than any other peg. 

How are Hex Pegs better than Competitors?

Whilst we never make negative comments regarding competitors, Hex Pegs are the best quality, best value for money and are the most versatile pegs on the market.

Are Hex Pegs Australian?

Hex Pegs are 100% Australian designed and owned.

What types of ground can they be used in?

Hex Pegs will work in most ground types, from sandy based soils to road based gravel.

Do they work in sand?

If it’s a sandy based soil or a compacted sand, they’ll work very well. If it’s a really soft sand-dune type sand that your feet sink into, then you may need to use sand specific pegs. We’ve had customers that have used them on Fraser Island with great success, but its dependant on what type of sand you’re camping on.

What about hard ground?

Hex Pegs are made of hardened steel so you can use a hammer drill with them in hard ground.

What can they be used for?

Hex Pegs can be used to secure Tents, Gazebos, Annexes, Awning Posts, Ground Sheets, Trampolines, Portable Basketball Rings, Portable Clothes lines and pretty much anything that has O/D rings or eyelets with an opening of 10mm or bigger.

What are they made of?

The main body is a hardened carbon, zinc plated steel and the Hook Top is made of Stainless Steel.

What is the stainless steel Hook Top for?

It has been specifically designed to be used to secure guy ropes, trace springs or anything else that needs to be anchored down.

What are the Flat Tops for?

The Flat Top Hex Pegs have been designed to secure the base of tents, annexes, ground sheets or anything with O/D rings or eyelets. They were developed to be used in scenarios where the Hook Tops aren’t required.

What is the rubber grommet for?

The rubber grommet assists with protecting whatever you may be drilling through or on to (Gazebo footplates, Awning footplates, O/D Rings eyelets etc). It prevents steel on steel or steel on plastic contact points that could cause damage if the Hex Pegs are over tightened.

Why should I use Hook Top Hex Pegs with my Gazebo?

Hex Pegs can be drilled straight through the hole in the footplates and secure the Gazebo extremely well. Added to this, the guy ropes from the Gazebo cover can be attached straight down on to the Hook Attachment rather than being out at an angle. Securing a Gazebo within its own footprint occupies less space and reduces trip hazards.

Why don’t Hex Pegs have a coarser thread?

A lot of time and effort went into designing Hex Pegs so that their current gauge of thread is ideal for their length. The Hex Pegs thread grabs the ground with amazing efficiency and they only come out of the ground when the caravaner/camper wants them to.

Do I need to put Hex Pegs all the way into the ground?

Yes- Hex Pegs have been designed to go all the way into the ground. For harder ground types, a hammer drill can be used. Added to this, we see it as a hazard to have a peg sticking half way out of the ground.

Why are Hex Pegs all one length?

We have designed Hex Pegs to work well in a variety of different soil types and conditions.

What are the dimensions of Hex Pegs?

Hex Pegs are 275mm in length and the shaft is 10mm in diameter. The size of the Hex head on top is 15mm and can be used with any type of Hex Socket (we do provide a Chrome Vanadium Hex Socket for those that wish to purchase one).